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Platform Notification For WooCommerce

How to use this plugin?

First of all please download and activate the plugin you can download it from here. Then go to your woocommerce settings page there you will see an integration option available, click on this.

Currently, it supports only slack and discord for notification.

How to integrate discord?

It’s very simple, just make a discord group where you want to get all the notifications and create a new webhook for this channel. After that, simply copy it and paste it to the Discord Webhook URL field and enable it.


How to integrate slack?

You need three things for this bot token, channel id and channel name. For this you need to create an app in slack fromĀ

Currentlt, notifications will be triggered on new order and on order status change. I will improve this plugin day by day to make sure you can run your online shop smootly.

For your feature request and support please email me at [email protected].

Soon there will be an dedicated support server for this.

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